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AMS Neve Genesys G48 (48 input, 24 fader) base console

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Neve Genesys G48

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AMS Neve Genesys G48 (48 input, 24 fader) base console

The AMS Neve Genesys G48 is a 48 input, 24 fader analogue console with DAW control and Pro Tools connectivity. The Genesys G48 features 24 channels of Neve mic/line preamps, 24 channels of DAW/Tape playback and analog summing across 48 channels at mixdown. There are eight aux buses, eight group buses and 5.1 monitoring. The hand-built Neve Genesys is modular design, so it can be expanded as your needs grow. 

There's a 'classic Neve' look and feel to the controls, but take a closer look and you'll see they're ultra modern too: every switch is 'soft'. The benefits go far beyond letting you customize your set up to suit the way you work. It also means every routing decision and every switch setting can be saved and instantaneously reset. Add the legendary sounding Neve analog EQ and dynamics cassettes and you can instantly recall these settings too. Just think of the reconfiguration time that saves when you're juggling multiple projects in your studio.

Neve Genesys G48 Base Console Features

  • 24 channels of Neve mic/line amplifiers
  • 24 channel DAW/Tape monitoring
  • 8 Auxes (4 mono and 2 stereo)
  • 8 groups
  • 2 main outs
  • 4 effects returns
  • 24ch, 8t, 2t and monitor metering
  • 5.1 monitoring
  • 2 cue mixes
  • Full talkback capability
  • Internal PSU
  • USB stick store, load & reset
  • Hands-on DAW control for Pro Tools, etc
Manufacturer Neve
Model G48BASE
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