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Alesis DM Dock - Drum Module Dock for iPad

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Alesis DM Dock - Drum Module Dock for iPad

  • Alesis DM Dock - Drum Module Dock for iPad
  • Alesis DM Dock - Drum Module Dock for iPad
  • Alesis DM Dock - Drum Module Dock for iPad
  • Alesis DM Dock Rear
  • Alesis DM Dock - Drum Module Dock for iPad

Alesis DM Dock - Premium Drum Interface for iPad

The Alesis DM Dock allows you to transform your iPad into a full-color, multi-touch-surface drum module. Harness the power of your iPad to create a totally intuitive, customize-able, and world-class drum interface. Simply slide in your iPad, attach the 30-pin or Lightning dock connector, and snap the locking door into position. Your iPad is now safe and secure in a stage-ready package that offers unlimited multi-touch access to the iPad screen.

The DM Dock delivers an amazing array of professional inputs, outputs, and hands-on controllers. The iPad offers wireless connectivity and access to a wealth of compatible drum apps - including the DM Touch app, created by Alesis to make the most of the DM Dock. Together they offer a level of total control and integration that no other system can match.

Connect and Control
Make the DM Dock the centerpiece of your custom electronic drum setup. Use it with Alesis pads, or with nearly any other trigger pads. The twelve trigger pad inputs are equipped with 1/4" TRS jacks, providing full support for dual-zone drum and cymbal pads, triple-zone ride and multi-choke cymbal pads—even acoustic drum triggers. A dedicated 1/4" TRS hi-hat input provides compatibility with continuously variable controllers. Start and stop songs, change programs, or operate the metronome all from the assignable 1/4" footswitch input (pedal optional). DM Dock has what it takes to put together your own custom kit.

The DM Dock provides professional balanced 1/4" stereo outputs for connection to a sound system, recording console, or monitor amp for when you’re ready to share your sound. The outputs are controlled from the master volume knob. A headphone output—complete with an independent level knob—allows for private practice at any hour. Digital audio signals can also be routed to the USB output. This same USB port can also provide USB MIDI connectivity with your computer. Separate MIDI In and Out jacks allow your DM Dock to join forces with any MIDI-equipped drum machine, synthesizer, or audio gear.

Like the iPad itself, the DM Dock is only limited by your imagination. Benefitting from your iPad's Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, AirPlay, and 3G connectivity, the Alesis DM Dock puts unprecedented capabilities at your fingertips. Quickly change and enhance your sound library at a moment’s notice; download a new snare drum or ride cymbal to suit a venue; download a reverb or room delay to suit a particular room’s acoustics; or even load an entirely new kit to suit a last-minute gig. The DM Dock delivers the convenience, power and simplicity you've always wanted in a drum module, and works with virtually any iPad music app that permits external MIDI control—especially the custom DM Touch App. Available at the App Store, DM Touch provides easy drag-and-drop drum kit editing as well as the instant download of new sounds. Using the DM Touch app, you can even configure your drum settings on the fly, or even play along with songs from your music library. Plus, your DM Dock mounts to any stand or rack using the Alesis Module Mount (sold separately).

Alesis DM Dock Features

  • Includes 30-pin and Apple Lightning iPad connectors
  • Compatible with GarageBand and virtually all other Core MIDI apps
  • Alesis DM Touch app available from the App Store:
  • Easy drag-and-drop drum kit editing
  • Instant downloads of new sounds
  • Configure drum trigger settings on the fly
  • Play along with songs from your music library
  • 12 input jacks for drum pads, cymbal pads, and other triggers
  • Supports dual-zone pads, multi-choke cymbals, and three-zone rides
  • Continuous hi-hat controller input
  • Balanced outputs for recording or sound reinforcement
  • Stereo headphone output with separate level control
  • Assignable footswitch input provides additional control
  • MIDI input jack, MIDI output jack
  • USB port provides audio and USB MIDI
  • Hinged door completely encloses and secures your iPad
  • Secure, stage-ready iPad integration; Kensington® security slot
  • Alesis Module Mount (sold separately) mounts to any stand or rack
  • Power supply also charges your iPad

In The Box

  • DM Dock
  • Apple 30-pin dock connector
  • Apple Lightning dock connector
  • Power supply
  • User Guide
  • Safety & Warranty Manual

Alesis DM Dock Specifications

  • 12 TRS 1/4" dual-zone inputs
  • 1 TRS 1/4" variable input for hi-hat pedal controllers
  • 2 TRS 1/4" balanced outputs
  • Stereo 1/4" headphone output
  • Class Compliant USB 1.1 MIDI I/O
  • MIDI In jack; MIDI Out jack
  • Assignable 1/4" MIDI footswitch input

* iPad not included

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