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  1. Primacoustic GOTRAP Studio Gobo

    Primacoustic GOTRAP Studio Gobo - Portable Isolation Solution

    The Primacoustic GoTrap is a combination studio gobo and bass trap that is designed to enhance the recording process by controlling spill between instruments, while passively removing excessive bass from the room. Learn More
    £433.20 £361.00 (ex. vat)
  2. Primacoustic Splashguard

    Primacoustic Splashguard - Mic stand mounted instrument isolation

    The Primacoustic Splash Guard is a unique acoustic microphone shield for further isolating microphones in noisy environments, say those placed on drum kits, to reduce spill. The Splashguard works by shielding the rear and side of the capsule from ambient noise, while leaving the front and one sid Learn More
    £69.60 £58.00 (ex. vat)
  3. Clearsonic A5-7 - 5-1/2 ft high - 7 Section Isolation transparent panels

    Clearsonic A5-7 - 5-1/2 ft high - 7 Section Isolation Transparent Panels

    The Clearsonics A5-7 clear acrylic panel set gives you effective acoustic isolation between instruments, whether onstage or in your studio. Transparent A5 acrylic panels are great for live sound, allowing you to control your acoustics without sacrificing visibility. Like all ClearSonic panel systems Learn More
    £750.00 £625.00 (ex. vat)
  4. Primacoustic Tripad

    Primacoustic TriPad - Tripod mic stand isolator

    The Primacoustic TriPad is a set of 3 microphone stand isolators. They are designed to minimize disruptive resonances from the studio floor, stage or drum riser that could degrade the recording or live sound. Common sources of disruption may be footsteps on the studio floor or other instruments reso Learn More
    £18.96 £15.80 (ex. vat)
  5. Primacoustic Kickplate

    Primacoustic Kickplate - Platform for boundary microphones

    The Primacoustic Kickplate is designed to isolate boundary microphones such as the Shure Beta 91 from structure based vibrations and to create a solid platform so that the microphone can capture sharper transients. The high density open cell foam adapts to fit drum sizes from 16" to 24". The foam is Learn More
    £69.60 £58.00 (ex. vat)

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