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A-Design ATTY2'D - Passive Line Level Controller

£579.00 £482.50 (ex. vat)

A-Design ATTY2'D - Passive Line Level Controller Front

  • A-Design ATTY2'D - Passive Line Level Controller Front
  • A-Design ATTY2'D - Passive Line Level Controller Rear

A-Design ATTY2'D - Passive Line Level Controller

The A-Design ATTY2’D is a six-channel unit, providing two stereo channels and two mono channels, each with its own level control and mute button - particularly handy if you’re working with multiple sets of pre-amps.   ATTY2’D’s 100% passive circuitry and balanced XLR inputs and outputs allow it to easily integrate into your studio, live or broadcast setup - whether you’re connecting directly to other XLR-equipped gear, or wiring it to a patch bay.  

Apart from its ability to provide transparent attenuation for line-level devices (such as CD/DVD/MP3 players), it’s particularly useful as a preamp output gain control in multi-mic recording situations. Using the A-Design ATTY2’D, you can maintain input levels at the sweet spot and record without any adverse affects on sound quality. If you’re using a four-channel preamp with a hot output on drums, you could use ATTY2’D’s stereo channels on toms and overheads along with the mono channels on kick and snare.

A-Design ATTY2'D Specifications:

  • 100% passive, 6-channel dual-stereo/dual-mono line-level controller. 
  • Highest quality components and balanced I/O ensure ultra transparency and easy studio integration. 
  • Affordable, audiophile-quality level control of multiple powered monitors including 5.1 surround systems. 
  • Single-knob control of stereo channels.
  • Mute/Master Mute offers instant audio termination. 
  • Prevent digital overs caused by high-output preamps.  
  • Control output levels while maintaining high-gain input signal.  
  • Control in/out levels of tube preamps. 
  • Faceplate silk-screened to reflect 5.1 surround operation. 
  • Designed to be a redundant backup for your system control.  
  • Balanced XLR I/O. 
  • 1U rackmountable 19” frame.
Manufacturer A Designs
Model A-Design ATTY2'D
A Designs
A Designs
A-Design ATTY2'D
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